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Proper operator training is an OSHA requirement, but savvy managers also know that a skilled operator can have an enormous impact on the bottom line. Alta’s expert trainers have decades of experience in operator training, combining the latest training materials with time-tested teaching methods. Our courses reflect industry standard recommendations as well as many suggestions from trainers and safety directors.

Technical Training

Regular technical training does not cost — it saves. Technicians who are poorly trained or not current on the latest advances will make expensive mistakes: misdiagnosing problems, ordering the wrong parts, and installing components incorrectly. Properly trained mechanics will prevent downtime, cut diagnostic time and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Program Features & Topics

Our training programs feature:

  • OHSA- and ANSI-compliant training
  • Course content tailored to your company's training goals
  • All training materials, including text books and charts
  • Testing to ensure progress
  • Flexible scheduling by day or evening
  • Operator authorization card (3-yr expiration)

Past course topics include:

  • Hydraulic systems
  • Mobile shear maintenance
  • Internal combustion engine technology
  • EDA fuel systems
  • Operator safety
  • Pedestrian safety