Lithium-ion batteries have on average double the lifespan of lead acid batteries and can last more than 3,000 charge cycles.


Lithium-ion batteries have a small depth of discharge (DoD) meaning more consistent voltage for ongoing, persistent performance.


Lithium-ion batteries can provide energy savings of up to 65% more than lead acid batteries.


Lithium-ion batteries are environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions during use.

Why Lithium-Ion Batteries

These smart, rechargeable fork truck batteries are the motive power solution that keeps your trucks out of the charging room and on the floor moving product. We’ll engineer a power package that is cashflow positive from the first month in use. Using li-ion lift truck batteries, our customers realize about $1,350 in annual savings per lift truck. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased Uptime: Lithium-ion batteries store energy more densely than earlier technologies and deliver that energy at a near-constant voltage with zero droop or sag.

  • Recharge In < 60 Minutes: Li-ion batteries recharge in an hour or less – a fraction of the time needed to charge and cool older technology batteries.

  • No Maintenance: Lithium-ion batteries require no maintenance except software updates (done remotely) and require zero watering or equalizing.

  • Save Space: Lithium-ion batteries need only a wall-mounted charger which means you can use every inch of your facility for value-adding tasks.

  • Ideal for Cold Storage: Lithium-ion batteries can withstand freezer temperatures without damage or reduction in capacity.

Compare Lithium To Lead Acid Power Source

Lithium-ion technology is often viewed as the best power solution for many motive power applications, including electric forklifts, AGVs, AMRs, tuggers, pallet trucks, and more. They’re ideal for any environment, including cold storage and low temperature operations. Lithium-ion increases throughput and safety while lowering costs compared to lead acid forklift batteries. At Alta Motive Power, we use proprietary modeling software to find the best power solutions in the industry to meet your needs, regardless of the manufacturer. See how li-ion batteries compare to other power sources.

Lead Acid



Charge Time

8-10 Hour Charge Time

< 60 Minutes to Charge

< 5 Minutes to Refill

Battery Room

Dedicated Battery Room

No Battery Room Needed

No Battery Room Needed

Service Life

Periodic Replacement

Batteries Last Life of Lift Truck

Batteries Last Life of Lift Truck


Regular, Routine Maintenance

Little To No Maintenance

Zero Maintenance

Charge Cycles

< 2,200 Full Charge Cycles

> 3,000 Full Charge Cycles

Always Runs Like Fully Charged Battery

Memory Effect

Strict Charging Cycle

0 Memory Effect; 100% Fleet Availability

0 Memory Effect; 100% Fleet Availability

Cost of Acquisition

$ Cost of Acquisition

$$ Cost of Acquisition

$$$ Cost of Acquisition

Cost to Own

$$ Cost To Own

$ Lower Cost To Own

$$$ Cost To Own


Alta Motive Power partners with the industry’s leading providers of lithium-ion technology to ensure we can offer the best solution for your individual needs. Learn how powering your electric lift trucks with lithium-ion batteries can add continuous performance, reliability, and efficiency to your operations.