Alta Dock & Door offers an extensive line of dock safety equipment to meet your needs in the following New York and New England areas: Long Island, NY; Metro NY; Wilmington, MA; Metro Boston; Southern New Hampshire; and Rhode Island.

Truck Restraints

A game-changer in improving vehicle safety and reducing equipment damage at the loading dock. Used to safely secure trailers to the loading dock, restraints minimize trailer/dock separation and conform to regulatory compliance.

Impact Barriers

Dock Impact Barriers are a proven safety product to reduce the occurrence of dock accidents resulting from fork trucks, pallet jacks, and pedestrians falling off the dock when the overhead door is open. OSHA requires dock Impact barriers of some kind on docks.

Wheel Chocking Systems

For trucks with lift gates, damaged rear impact guards, or unconventional trailer configurations, traditional truck restraints just won’t work. Call Alta Dock & Door to find you a reliable approach to securing virtually any truck or vehicle configuration, assuring safe, efficient loading dock operations.