Alta’s Hydrogen Advantage

Hydrogen powered equipment is an ideal complement to your 24/7 operations and high throughput operations. Increasing picks per hour is the name of the game when looking at hydrogen. Every operation can expect to realize the following benefits if they convert their fleet to hydrogen:

  • 3 Minute Fill = 6-8 hours of run time

  • Zero Battery Droop compared to Lead Acid = 5% increase in productivity

  • No Equalizing or water

  • Cooler operating temperatures = less truck maintenance

  • Increase Floor Space

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

Alta’s a turnkey provider of all hydrogen services needed to run your operations. This includes fuel cells, infrastructure and service. We take away all the cost confusion typically associated with hydrogen. Alta packages all the services into one price per truck hour payment. Its easy to track, execute and measure.


As a subsidiary of Hyster-Yale Group (HYG), Nuvera brings power alternatives for lift trucks to a global provider of materials handling equipment - and the capability to repower competitor forklifts as well.


Many large companies have started implementing Hydrogen Fuel Cells over the last decade because they are safer, more cost effective, and better for the environment. The challenge for these companies, traditionally, has been having only one refueling option - which is to have liquid hydrogen delivered to them and then converted to a gaseous high-pressure fuel using a "mini-plant infrastructure" located at their site. These gasification plants are very costly (millions of dollars) and are typically encumbered by a 10-year contract with a Liquid Hydrogen Gas supplier. This causes vulnerability and puts you in the fuel business.

  • Power systems designed by Nuvera with the direct involvement of HYG forklift engineers for validation in demanding material handling environments

  • A range of hydrogen supply options are available to match the specific needs of fuel cell-powered fleets

  • Flexible financing products from Hyster Capital and Yale Financial Services

  • Sales, service and parts from a global dealer network

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