Advance Terra® 28B Advance SW900™ Advance Proterra™ Advance SW4000™
Advance Terra® 28B
Advance SW900™
Advance Proterra™
Advance SW4000™
Terra® 28BSW900™Proterra™SW4000™
The Advance Terra line of sweepers offers a broad range of options to fit the needs of virtually any facility, for both hard floor and carpet applications.Designed for Rugged Industrial Sweeping… The Advance SW900™ walk-behind sweeper for both indoor and outdoor use offers effective dust-free removal of dry debris. The large main broom combined with dual side brooms will enhance your everyday productivity and cleaning results. The SW900 is an ideal sweeper for cleaning contractors, industry and manufacturing, schools, warehouses, hotels, exhibitions, and convention centers. Total control from the operator’s position

• All controls can be accessed from the operator’s position.
• Comfortable to maneuver with ergonomic handlebar.
• New propulsion control bar provides single hand operation.
• Simple controls and security using key switch.

User friendly design

• Single hand hopper removal and transfer.
• Tools-free service of all routine maintenance items.

Higher cleaning performance and productivity

• Fast and effective sweeping with direct throw design.
• Independent side broom controls on handle.
• Dual side brooms combined with wide main broom for edge cleaning and maximum productivity.
• Simple standard manual filter shaker.
• Run time up to 3 hours on a single charge.

PRODUCTIVE, COMFORTABLE, RELIABLE WITH INCREDIBLE DUST CONTROL The Proterra™ is the ideal industrial sweeper, from factories to warehouses, parking garages to foundries and much more. The unique design makes fast work of large facilities with its wide cleaning path, excellent maneuverability and high capacity hopper. An ergonomic interface and the unique Clear-View™ sight lines to critical sweep areas ensures safe and comfortable operation. The available DustGuard™ system applies a fine “fog” to suppress dust at its greatest source – the side brooms. The result is a controlled sweep path that is 75% more productive than its nearest competitor. DustGuard is part of the innovative DustClear™ Five Stage Dust Control System, which also includes a vacuumized main broom chamber, an airflow labyrinth, nanofiber technology dust filtration, and an airflow restoration system with Liberator™ variable frequency filter shaker. MaxAccess™ minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency, reliability and longevity through quick and easy access to all engine and hydraulic components. Proterra comes with Set-’N-Forget™: set the main broom sweep pressure just once; the system automatically adjusts to apply consistent pressure even as the brush wears. With superior dust control, innovative safety features, low maintenance costs, ease of operation and increased productivity, the Advance Proterra is the ideal solution for high-demand industrial applications.The SW4000™ Rider Sweeper provides high productivity and reliable cleaning performance to attack tough sweeping applications. Designed with a safe and efficient hydraulic high dump, the SW4000 delivers exceptional productivity. Operator intuitive front wheel steering and front wheel drive offer superior maneuverability in tight corners or narrow aisles. From warehouse and distribution centers to outdoor parking lots and lumber yards, the SW4000 ensures a professionally swept finish for diverse indoor and outdoor applications. Efficient sweeping For smooth, easy operation, the SW4000 features One-Touch™ sweeping capabilities—enabling all functions, including the main broom, side brooms, vacuum fan and the optional DustGuard™ misting system, to activate only while the sweeper is moving. This integration provides machine run-time of up to 4.5 hours on a single battery charge while minimizing wear on the brooms. The unobstructed view, high dump hopper easily deposits into a standard dumpster for safe handling and quick dumping. For enhanced sweeping capabilities, the optional DustGuard misting system provides up to 75% greater dust controlled sweepingpath compared to the nearest comparable competitor’s machines. To ensure the filter remains dust-free for optimal performance, the SW4000 features a timed Liberator™ multi-frequency filter shaker that cleans the filter more effectively to restore airflow for maximum dust control. User friendly The SW4000 is designed to simplify sweeping with retractable, springloaded side brooms and rugged steel guards to virtually eliminate risk of machine damage. It also features a left or right side access driver’s compartment, adjustable seat and column-mounted controls for ergonomic and intuitive operation. Tools-free broom and filter removal and battery compartment makes routine maintenance fast and easy.
  • Convenient onboard rechargeable battery power on most models
  • Designed for easy maintenance and operation
  • Sweep paths from 26 to 52 inches wide
  • Quiet operation enables use in any facility at any time of day
  • Both walk-behind and rider models
  • Energy efficient design for run-times up to 3 hours
  • Ergonomic, adjustable handle with propulsion control bar to accommodate all users
  • Direct throw design for effective sweeping of a wide range of debris
  • Rugged impact resistant construction includes holders for cans, bottles and other objects
  • Safety switch de-activates the machine when the hopper is removed
  • Large capacity hopper is lightweight with durable corrosion proof design
  • Variable dump height of up to 62 inches allows fast and simple disposal of debris
  • Analog-logic™ controls simplify operation and reduce training time
  • Wide 35.5 inch main broom automatically adjusts broom pressure as the broom wears
  • Rust-proof structural roto-molded hopper with integrated 5 mph bumper extends machine life
  • DustGuard™ attacks and controls dust at the side brooms for 64 inches of dust controlled sweeping
  • Large ergonomic operator comfort-zone with Clear-View™ sight lines to increase comfort and safety
  • Simple, One-Touch™ Sweeping with the drive pedal activates/ de-activates all sweeping procedures
  • Durable side brooms feature flexible mounting and protection using rugged steel guards
  • Easy-to-use analog controls
  • WiRobust polyethylene covers and recyclable materials provide a durable design
  • Easy machine charging capabilities located inside
  • Front-wheel steering and drive provides increased maneuverability
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