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Advance SC1500™
Advance SC8000™
Advance SC6500™
Advance Adfinity™
A COST-EFFICIENT CLEANING SOLUTION Enhance cleaning productivity with our brand new stand-up automatic scrubber, the Advance SC1500™. Designed to deliver superior cleaning performance, the SC1500 stand-up scrubber provides a flexible, extremely maneuverable and compact solution for small to medium-sized areas. Plus, with a high-capacity tank and high scrub speed capabilities, the SC1500 covers more surface faster while maximizing your bottom line. MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY. To satisfy both daily and deep scrubbing applications, the SC1500 is available in a 20 inch disc or 20 inch REV™ model. The patented REV Technology configuration employs our exclusive Random Orbital Scrubbing technology, which scrubs deeper and more uniformly to leave a perfectly scrubbed surface with no swirl marks while using far less water and chemicals. Spend more time on the floor with the SC1500’s large 12 gallon tank and low flow rate, which provides up to 109 minutes of scrub time without refilling. Increased down pressure at 75 pounds enables one pass cleaning for efficient cleaning results. CONSISTENT, EASY CLEANING. The SC1500 ensures consistent, reliable cleaning with solution flow rate control right at your fingertips. Select from low, medium or high to match the job at hand without stopping the machine. This not only minimizes chemical and water waste but also reduces time spent on dump and refills. For simple operation, all scrubbing parameters—detergent strength, brush pressure, solution flow and vacuum—are all controlled with a single button and are clearly displayed on the easy-to-read, LCD graphical display. GREEN MEETS CLEAN. Clean green and still meet the highest expectations for clean floors with the standard, onboard EcoFlex System™. The EcoFlex System controls the consumption of water, detergent and energy so effectively that real savings can be gained without compromising performance. With a single button, effortlessly switch between water-only cleaning or select from weak to strong cleaning intensities to match cleaning performance to the soil on the floor and the required level of clean. More soil? No problem. Activate the “burst of power” for extra cleaning performance and easily return to the original settings for minimum usage of water, detergent and power.THE ULTIMATE HIGH-PERFORMANCE FLOOR CLEANER IS A GREEN MACHINE The Advance SC8000™ rider scrubber is the definition of innovative and optimized design. This maneuverable front steer scrubber houses the widest cylindrical scrub deck in its class. This deck’s dual counter-rotating cylindrical brushes are capable of sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass. DustGuard™ suppresses and controls dust using a “fog” at the side broom. Using Advance’s One-Touch™, the entire scrub system is activated simply by the press of a button. Four different cleaning systems allow you to customize the scrubber to your facility’s needs. Cleaning paths up to 62 inches are available on the SC8000. This coupled with the efficiently packaged 100 gallon solution tank delivers the capability of cleaning up to 100,000 square feet per tankful under normal scrubbing speeds. With Advance EcoFlex™ Onboard Detergent Dispensing System, productivity and chemical savings are maximized. When it comes time for maintenance, MaxAccess allows a user to access all major systems simply and quickly without the use of tools, including the best-in-class LP bottle exchange. The Advance SC8000’s design has set the bar in productivity, serviceability, safety, and ease of use.UNSURPASSED CLEANING AGILITY Experience the combination of effortless control and efficient, sustainable scrubbing in one powerful, compact package: the Advance SC6500™ rider scrubber. Available with either disc or cylindrical scrubbing, the SC6500 is engineered to deliver effective, single-pass cleaning in demanding environments such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, athletic facilities, universities and more. Efficient When all you need is one pass to get an amazingly clean floor, jobs get done faster and you reduce your cost to clean.   • Tightest aisle turn in its class enables incredible maneuverability   • Large, 70-gallon tanks maximize scrub time and tip out for fast, easy cleaning   afterward   • High power scrub deck is driven by dual 1.5hp motors   • Optional TrackClean centralized fleet management system helps you monitor and   improve operational productivity Rugged The SC6500 packs an array of features to extend its service life and minimize maintenance and downtime.   • Low-maintenance AC brushless propulsion drive delivers precise acceleration   • Tubular, steel construction stands up to the toughest applications   • Optional industrial bumper and frame-mounted rollers protect the front and scrub deck from impact damage Versatile Get a better clean no matter who is behind the wheel thanks to the versatile technology and design of the SC6500.   • Available EcoFlex™ System allows you to preset, adjust and use only the amount   of chemical required for each application   • Offset scrub deck cleans hard-to-reach edges more effectively   • Clear-View™ design and adjustable tilt steering column provide an ergonomic   ride for virtually any operatorTRACTION DRIVE FOR INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY Adfinity™ traction-drive scrubbers feature pushbutton forward and reverse, and our exclusive One-Touch™ ergonomic control paddle for easy, safe operation. Adfinity delivers effortless maintenance and operation. Our unique “click on” brushes enable fast and easy changeovers. The Adfinity scrubber allow easy access to the battery, the recovery tank, and, where applicable, the detergent dispensing system. Scrub path of 24 inches, and a standard onboard charger allows battery recharge at any available electrical outlet. Adfinity scrubbers fall well within safe sound level requirements for daytime cleaning in any facility, as set by LEED-EB and GS-42. The Adfinity also features Smart Solutions™ flow rate. Engineered to provide effective cleaning and over 1.5 hours of run time between dump and refill, Smart Solutions saves water and costly chemicals, while increasing productivity. Advance’s patented EcoFlex™ onboard detergent dispensing system, is available on the Adfinity, assuring manufacturers’ recommended dilution ratios for efficient use of cleaning chemicals, saving time and preventing detergent and water waste. The Adfinity has received NFSI certification for reducing the possibility of slip-and-fall accidents. Pad pressure settings enable the operator to increase pressure when cleaning highly soiled areas, or to use lower pad pressure for standard cleaning while maximizing run time.
  • Safety dead-man switch and GO pedal provides easy-to-control operation
  • EcoFlex™ onboard detergent system provides flexible cleaning performance
  • Large recovery tank opening, complete draining and smooth interior for easy cleaning
  • Quite mode for daytime cleaning and cleaning of noise-sensitive areas
  • Simple, intuitive controls minimize operator training
  • Exclusive 62” dual side broom option with DustGuard™ offering true edge cleaning with minimal fugitive dust
  • Wide 48 inch counter-rotating dual cylindrical scrub deck sweeps and scrubs in one pass
  • The Clear-View™ design provides excellent sight lines from the comfort and safety of the operator’s seat
  • MaxAccess™ LP tank replacement – also available in diesel
  • EcoFlex™ System provides 5 gallons of chemical or up to 2.5 gallons of two chemicals
  • High capacity 100 gallon solution and recovery tanks for extended run times and productivity
  • Kubota® industrial engine powered machines offering high reliability, long-life, and world-class service/support network
  • Easy to maintain with open access to all critical systems
  • Rugged construction with durable components assures years of reliable performance
  • Simple and intuitive operator controls minimize training
  • Wrap-around ergonomic handle system for operator comfort
  • Large diameter non-marking tires for better traction
  • Center-pivot designed squeegees pick-up 100% water on turns
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