A & G Mercury 700AC Series Motrec MT-350 Motrec MT-340 Rico Sit Down Rider Tractor
A & G Mercury 700AC Series
Motrec MT-350
Motrec MT-340
Rico Sit Down Rider Tractor
A & G Mercury MotrecMotrecRico
700AC Series MT-350MT-340Sit Down Rider Tractor
700AC Series Models: 731AC, 741AC, 751AC, 732AC, 742AC, 752AC, 734AC, 744AC, 754AC 

The Danaher Inverter is standard equipment on the Model 700AC series. The Danaher Inverter combines the reliability of high efficiency power MOSSFET control with the added flexibility of microprocessor technology to provide smooth durable and customized control. The Danaher motor inverter offers many safety and performance features resulting in direct cost savings benefits to your operation. Smart full time diagnostics, battery condition monitoring, and completely cold contactor switching are just some of features that ensure a safe truck as well as reduced maintenance cost. 

We’ve redesigned our hardworking tow tractor to make precision hitching safer and easier than ever – even when working with multiple trailers. Sure, the MT-350 is still a rugged, low-to-the-ground AC-powered vehicle boasting up to 20,000-lb towing capacity and our signature recessed dual headlights. But now it also has a central driving position that puts the rear hitch and all driver controls within easy sight and reach. Other new standard features? Dust- and water-proof electrical components, vastly upgraded differential and steering, leaf springs rear suspension, and more. Popular options include a light bar with LED lights, front/back bright blue vehicle-approaching lights, full wrap-around protection bumper, and an extra-robust unhooking lever.

The industry benchmark for compact tow tractors has once again raised the bar. Still a quiet and low-maintenance workhorse with an unbeatable turning radius and up to 20,000-lb. towing capacity, but now with leaf spring suspension and shock absorbers, flat-free solid softy tires, inching control, protected electrical components and much more – all standard. Power and performance are delivered through a brushless AC powertrain with efficient direct-drive differential, hefty 1″ rear-end plate and large drum brakes. We’ve also got your back with a long list of standard ergonomic and safety features.

Vehicle Details:

Model: Engineered/speciality

Series: Tractors & Lift Tow Series

Capacity: Up to 400000 lbs

Operator Type: Sit-Down Rider

Steering: Tilt steering

Truck Type Designation : E or EE

Rico’s Sit Down Rider Tractor is designed for superior towing and unmatched performance. This design is offered in a Sit down Rider version offering the operator comfort, control and increased visibility. All vehicles are custom engineered to meet your specific application and load requirements.

Built to ANSI B56 Safety Standard for Industrial Truck.

Outside Turning Radius
95 Inches - - -
- Automotive steering wheel Automotive steering wheel -
Intersecting Aisle
70 Inches - - -
Rear Tires
21 Inches x 6 Inches - - -
Standard Hitch Height
12 Inches - - -
- No battery included No battery included -
Travel Speed
10 mph - - -
- No charger included - -
- - Reverse alarm, deadman seat switch, horn, emergency stop button, anti slip griptape -
Front Tires
16.25 Inches x 6 Inches - - -
- Semi-suspension seat on slide adjusters Semi-suspension seat on slide adjusters -
  • Travel Control- The Danaher AC MOSFET motor controller is the standard Inverter. The Danaher uses MOSFET technology with cold contactor switching, which will give extended battery, contactor tip and motor life which will give years of dependable service. Only a Line contactor and Pump Contactor are required, forward & reverse contactors are not required.
  • Lighting- The Model 700AC has headlights and stop/tail lights as standard equipment which all run on 12 volt DC optimizing a DC-DC converter with isolated ground.
  • AC Drive Motor- Heavy duty Schabmuller Asynchronous Motor. The motor can either be supplied with a 36/48/80 Volt Depending on Model of Truck that is ordered. This motor has 26.80 hp (20 KW) and 291 ft-lb (390 Nm) of torque. This motor is rated at S2 for 60 Minutes (This is a European standard equivalent to USA standard Class H).
  • Steer Axle- Fabricated solid beam type, and inclined king pins with needle bearings. Also equipped with a hydraulic cylinder for better steering control. With a 16” (406 mm) diameter steering wheel.
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