A & G Mercury 400FF Series Motrec MT-800 Motrec MT-900 Motrec MT-340
A & G Mercury 400FF Series
Motrec MT-800
Motrec MT-900
Motrec MT-340
A & G Mercury MotrecMotrecMotrec
400FF Series MT-800MT-900MT-340
400FF Series Models: 460FF, 460FF-LP, 470FF, 470FF-LP

The steering axle is built like no other in the industry. Needle bearings on the king pin and center pivot pin, together with thrust bearings, provide smooth easy steering. The tough, cast steel I-Beam axle is built to withstand long hours of service.

The heavy duty Drive Axle on the 400 Series are typically used on much larger units. High capacity disc brakes that provide the stopping power required for heavy loads. Bevel cut gears ensure smooth quiet operation.

This compact two-seater is engineered for tight industrial settings requiring huge towing power. Its 50,000-lb.* payload is backed by a 40 hp AC direct-drive motor with constant laden speed and front suspension with dual shock absorbers. The dual planetary wheel drive with enclosed wet disks reduce maintenance; the electric regenerative brakes lengthen running time. It’s also virtually indestructible, thanks to the one-piece thick plate steel welded chassis reinforced at all high-stress areas.

This powerhouse tows up to a massive 200,000-lb.* load and brakes on a dime. Nothing matches it in the industry. It’s also remarkably maneuverable, thanks to its short turning radius, smooth power steering, and dual planetary wheel drive with parallel controls to prevent spinning and lateral sliding. 2 x 15 hp fan-cooled motors delivers higher output at lower speeds; the oversized industrial batteries and electric regenerative braking ensure safer stopping and longer running times. E-type clevis hitch with inching button.

The industry benchmark for compact tow tractors has once again raised the bar. Still a quiet and low-maintenance workhorse with an unbeatable turning radius and up to 20,000-lb. towing capacity, but now with leaf spring suspension and shock absorbers, flat-free solid softy tires, inching control, protected electrical components and much more – all standard. Power and performance are delivered through a brushless AC powertrain with efficient direct-drive differential, hefty 1″ rear-end plate and large drum brakes. We’ve also got your back with a long list of standard ergonomic and safety features.

- Power steering with hydrostatic orbitrol and hydraulic cylinder Power Steering, Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column Automotive steering wheel
Intersecting Aisle
73 inches - - -
- 40 hp AC motor 2 x 15 hp shunt motors -
Rear Tires
22 inches x 6 inches - - -
- Solid softy wheels, front 600x9, rear 700x12 Solid rubber wheels -
- Integrated motor/axle, direct drive Direct drive, helical gears accelerator/brake pedal, inching controls on rear -
- Front leaf spring suspension with dual shock absorbers, rear rubber spring suspension Front and rear rigid axles -
- Electronic speed controller, Inching controls on rear Dual 400A SEPEX controllers -
- Two suspension seats on slide adjusters One Adjustable Grammer Seat Semi-suspension seat on slide adjusters
Outside Turning Radius
88 inches - - -
- 80V/12V converter for 12-volt accessories, horn, Clevis type hitch with safety spring - -
- LED dual headlights & tail/brake lights, turn signals LED dual headlights & tail/brake lights with protective top -
Standard Hitch Height
12 inches - - -
- No battery included No battery included No battery included
Drive Axle
- Dual planetary wheel drives Dual planetary wheel drives with manual disengage -
- 80V 48V -
- No charger included No charger Included -
- Deadman seat switch, reverse alarm Deadman seat switch, reverse alarm, horn Reverse alarm, deadman seat switch, horn, emergency stop button, anti slip griptape
- Electric regenerative braking, hydraulic brakes with front dry discs and rear wet discs, hand lever parking brake Electric regenerative braking, spring applied parking brake with electric release -
Front Tires
16.25 inches x 4 inches - - -
- All-steel unibody construction - -
- Digital display, battery status, hour meter, Fault diagnostic Digital battery status indicator -
  • Standard Equipment- Instrument panel with hour meter, engine oil pressure, volt, coolant temperature gauges, light switch, anti- restart ignition switch, and horn.
  • LP models will have electrical operated fuel shut-off valve, inlet relief valve (tank not included.)
  • Steering- Manual with 15 inch diameter steering wheel.
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